PACIFLEX Online Privacy Policy  
PACIFLEX web site is made available as a means for interested persons to find out about, and make inquiries of its products. When the web site is visited, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) makes a record of the visit and logs some information for statistical and content management purposes. The ISP’s log of visits includes the Internet address of the visitor. The ISP periodically summarises information contained on the visitor's log and reports this to PACIFLEX to assist in ensuring that the information posted on the site remains relevant to inquirers generally. PACIFLEX does not ask for, nor receive, from the ISP data that enables it to identify individual users/visitors. The PACIFLEX web site also enables individuals to send a message via email. In sending a message, the inquirer’s email address will be used to enable a reply to be provided. The email address will not be used for any other purpose without the sender's consent. In the event that an individual has concerns regarding treatment of their personal information, they may send an email message via PACIFLEX’s web page.